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What does a Roofer do?


Roofer’s waterproof and weatherproof buildings. They apply shingles made form fiberglass, slate, tile, and asphalt, gravel and cedar or composite material such as felt rubber membrane. They also apply built-up rubber, PVC and modified bitumen.  Roofers install new roofs and repair and remove old roofs using a variety of materials. The work is conducted on commercial, industrial and residential buildings.


Working conditions


Roofers usually work outside on top of structures, but sometimes the work may be inside or below ground level. The work is physically demanding and requires heavy lifting, climbing, bending and squatting with a significant risk of injury due to falls. The work is performed in all weather conditions. It is often very hot. Persons interested in becoming a Roofer must have no fear of heights, a good sense of balance and be keenly aware of safety for themselves and their co-workers.


What are the Programs specifics?


Length of program – 3 Years to 4 ˝ Years

6000 to 7900 Hours of on-the-job training to

Over 384 Hours of related classroom instructions

Starting pay 45% of journeyman rate with increases every 1000 to 1500 hours of on-the-job training and completion of 128 hours of related instructions.


What do I need to apply? 


Be at least 18 years old

Two forms of identification

Be physically fit to perform the work of the trade

Have your own transportation

Must be drug free


Where do I apply?

United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers and Allied Workers
            Roofers Local 9                                      Roofers Local 12
            114 Old Forge Road                             15 Bernhard Road
            Rocky Hill, CT 06067                             North Haven, CT 06473
            Tel. 860-721-1174                                 Tel. 203-772-2365
                                                                              Fax. 203-772-2574