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What does a Laborer do?


Laborers work on highway construction projects, doing clearing, grade checking, stake hopping, culvert installation, equipment signaling and traffic control. Laborers work on utility construction including excavation, shoring, pipe laying, manhole placement and construction, backfill, compaction, transferring of grades, and grade checking and measuring. In building construction and housing, laborers’ work includes excavation, footings and foundations, carpenter tending, compaction, concrete placement, power and hands tools, general cleanup and mason tending (hod carrying) for bricklayers. Environmental laborers do asbestos removal, hazardous waste, and radiation cleanup.

Working conditions


Laborers perform very physical work, digging, carrying, pulling and bending usually outside in all kinds of weather for long hours at times. They need to reliable transportation and must be able to travel 70 – 80 miles from home to construction sites.


What are the Programs specifics?


Length of program – 2 ½ - 3 Years

4000 Hours of on-the-job training

160 hours of classroom instructions per year 320 hours total

Starting pay 60% of journeyman rate with increases every 1000 hours


What do I need to apply?


Must be at least 18 years old

Must have a current drivers license

Minimum of 12th grade education or GED

Copy of high school transcript

Complete an oral interview

Physically able to perform the work

Drug tested


Where do I apply?


New England Laborers Training

37 East Street

Hopkinton, MA 01748

Phone   (508) 544-9830

Fax      (508) 544-9836