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What does an Ironworker do?


Ironworkers are highly skilled workers who erect, assemble or install fabricated structural metal products, usually large metal beams. Ironworkers also erect the steel framework on bridges, storage tanks and overhead crane runways that support heavy equipment, Erecting pre-cast concrete, ornamental ironwork such as stairways, catwalks, gratings, grills, screen and siding on metal windows is another aspect of their work. Ironworkers do rigging work, which includes moving heavy machinery, pressure vessels, storage tanks and materials. Rod workers place reinforcement steel and steel mats in foundations, pads and forms before concrete is poured


Working conditions


Work is done on high-rise buildings, bridges, highways, airports, sewage plants and foundations for commercial and industrial projects. It is very strenuous work. Work can also be confined to cramped quarters. In year round weather conditions Ironworkers often work at great heights and cannot be afraid. They must be keenly aware of the dangers to themselves and others. There are often periods of unemployment between jobs.


What are the Programs specifics?


Length of program 3 - 4 Years

6000 to 8000 Hours of on-the-job training

Classroom instructions two to three nights per week

Eligible to receive college credits

Starting pay 60% of journeyman rate with increases every 1500 hours


What do I need to apply?


Must be at least 18 years old

High school graduate or GED

Submit an official copy of a high school transcript

Complete an oral interview

Be drug free


Where do I apply?


Rick Munroe                                                           Frank Petrolle

Apprenticeship Coordinator                                   Apprenticeship Coordinator

Northern District of CT Ironworkers Local 15            Southern District of CT Ironworkers Local 424

20 Sargent Street                                                15 Bernhard Road

Hartford, CT 06105                                               New Haven, CT 06473-3906

860-246-7353 Phone                                     203-562-4116 Phone

860-246-6342 Fax                                                     203-787-5536 Fax

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it                                     www.ironworkers.org